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The cost of education is skyrocketing, and even a college diploma or university degree will not guarantee you a job these days. So if you find yourself with that fancy piece of paper, which has cost you a fair amount of money to acquire, without a job or in a job which you do not enjoy and which just pays the bills, and possibly with a few hours to spare each day, learn a new skill which could possibly help you to free yourself from your current financial situation.A Wealthy Affiliate University Membership offers you the following, at a fraction of the cost of a diploma or degree:1.Information and TrainingWith more tutorials being made almost everyday, the information and training available is possibly the most up to date that can be found on the internet. All this information can seem overwhelming, but with the 30 Day Training Course, you will understand the basics within about a month, and could well be earning good money by then.2.Community and ForumNot only will you receive all the information that you could possibly need to make a success of your internet business, but you will make friends from all over the world, who will be more than willing to assist you when you are struggling, because they have been there themselves and they know how frustrating it is to get stuck on some small detail, which usually only takes a few minutes to resolve.3.Owner InvolvementIf you have asked a question in the forum and nobody can give you an answer, you can send a private message to Kyle or Carson, owners of Wealthy Affiliate University, and they will get back to you, mostly within only a few hours. So when you join, just drop them a line they will be only too happy to welcome you, even if you have only been a member for a few hours, and they will be interested in your success.There are many people and websites on the internet promising that you will make a lot of money within days if not hours, it may happen, but then you could also win the lottery. At Wealthy Affiliate University you will gain skills and knowledge which will enable you to continue to make money online for many years to come. But it will not happen overnight, you will have to put in the time and take action in order to make a success of your online business.So do you want to get Real training in internet marketing and be involved in a community which shares and cares about each other?

Web-Based Training For Supervisors in Drug and Alcohol Education and Awareness For DOT Compliance

If you conduct web-based or online supervisor training in drug and alcohol awareness, be sure that the supervisors and managers can print handouts and tip sheets during the course. Don’t let them walk away from the online course empty handed simply because it happens to be online.Here is the text from a list of “Top Ten Excuses” given to you “David Letterman Style”. These issues will frustrate almost any inexperienced supervisor trying to confront and refer an employee to a drug test when the smell of alcohol on the breath appears evident.10. “I haven’t had a drink since last night!” An employee with a high tolerance to alcohol could have their last drink late at night and still be under the influence well into the next morning. They don’t have to drink just before coming to work or first thing in the morning. Don’t let this statement convince you that a test is unnecessary.9. “It’s mouthwash.” If the smell of alcohol is on the breath, then you can document it to support a test for reasonable suspicion. It might be mouthwash, or maybe not. Some alcoholics in the later stages of the disease have consumed mouthwash in quantities large enough to induce intoxication-some mouthwashes8. “It’s medicine!” Same as #9. It might be medicine. It might be alcohol. It might be both. If it smells like alcohol, you can support your documentation. What the employee states that you are smelling is not part of the “screening out” process.7. “I have used.” It happens. An employee who admits to using drugs or alcohol should be tested. Their honesty means “I need help.”6. “You’ll ruin my career.”Allowing an employee to convince you that a drug test will be harmful to their career and their life is called enabling. Most companies have policies that support employees getting treatment and remaining employed. If this not the case, testing still saves lives-the employee’s life, and others.5. “Who me?! Do I look drunk to you?” An employee with a drug or alcohol problem characteristically has high tolerance-the ability to consume large quantities of alcohol or drugs and not appear intoxicated. An alcoholic employee with alcohol on the breath could be two to three times over the “legal” limit, but could appear unaffected.4. “It’s okay, I’m back in treatment.” Employees with mismanaged or untreated alcohol or drug problems frequently know more about their problem than others around them. They know exactly what they should be doing to treat their illness-but don’t. Motivational presentations and demonstrations of sudden insight are usually manipulative in nature. They can sway unwitting supervisors from acting on the drug testing policy.3. “Let’s wait and see.” If you decide to “wait and see if it happens again” before acting on your drug testing policy, chances are you are simply procrastinating. And you’re enabling. If injury or death on the job-or off the job-occurs, you’ll be kicking yourself and wondering why you didn’t act when you had the chance.2. “Let’s keep it between ourselves.” Don’t become your employee’s confidant. It is a mixing of roles, and simply does not work. If your employee has an alcohol or drug problem, your life experience, counseling ability, or understanding of human nature is not enough to tackle his or her alcohol or drug problem.1. “But we’re friends!” If you are friends with your employee, you will face a challenge in recommending a drug test. If you socialize and drink with your employee, this challenge is made even more difficult. Consider this: Most supervisors will put their own job security ahead of such friendships when drinking or drug use facilitates a crisis at work. Testing will not hurt a true friendship, and it may prevent a crisis that forces you to make a choice.

Food Hygiene Training – Plastic Consumption Limits and Training

Food hygiene is a critical part of working in manufacturing and production of foods and various food-related products. Food safety refers to the Estimated Daily Intake, which is how much of the packaging materials are recommended to be taken in during food consumption. The number that is ideal, according to safety standards, is 1.5 micrograms per person, per day. Getting the right food safety training can give you a much more successful career in the UK food service industry, and you need to be sure that you get this training when it is relevant to your career.Food hygiene training is something that can be taught online, but it basically explains how to minimize the effect that packaging has on the products that people eat. The level that has been chosen for a ‘safe’ level of consumption points directly to how many times plastics can be reused and recycled before they will over-contaminate food products and cause harmful effects to consumers. By teaching safe practices for handling, packaging, recycling, and even serving food products in plastic containers, people will be better able to avoid contamination and allow for safe enjoyment of food products.This entire process is regulated by the FDA, who is responsible for choosing the ‘safe’ level of consumption for packaging products when it comes to food consumption for consumers. They are responsible for evolving and improving the process of recycling and taking care of food packaging to continually make the process better and better as it goes along. People can take the time to check out the FDA regulations and get EDI food hygiene training so that they are able to be more successful and responsible in their career.EDI food hygiene is something that isn’t required for many careers, but it can be beneficial to many people. By getting this training, you will often appear to be more qualified for a particular position than you might be otherwise. You need to make sure that you do whatever it takes so that you can get the training and education that you need for your career, because it can often make or break the success that you have. There are so many different safety programs out there to choose from, and you should have no trouble getting exactly what you want and need, whatever that might be. If you want to stay on top of food safety, get EDI training for yourself.